The Netherlands has a long history in the life sciences industry. Especially in the field of vaccine development and manufacturing, this small country has always played a significant role. Lately, the rich history proved a fertile ground for developing and manufacturing a wide variety of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

The website Invest in Holland has written an interesting article on how the Dutch became such a prominent player for vaccine development. Gerard Schouw, Director of the Association Innovative Medicines, states in the article:

“The Dutch life sciences & health sector has been at the innovative forefront of Europe for many years. The Netherlands has a lot to offer due to its central location in Europe and successful history of public-private partnerships.”

Role of Batavia in vaccine development

We, at Batavia, are proud to play our part in the development of new and innovative vaccines. In the recent years, we have announced partnerships for the development of vaccines against viruses like: SARS-CoV-2, polio, Marburg, Lassa, rota, measles, and rubella.

In each project, we strive to improve the affordability and availability of these life-saving medical countermeasures. For example, with our  HIP-Vax®  platform for low-cost, highly intensified manufacturing, we are able to bring the Cost of Goods of vaccine manufacturing well below <$1.00 per dose and reduce the time from bench to clinic to 9 months. This timeline is including the biosafety testing. These benefits are the result of significant reductions in the manufacturing footprint, increased cell density and less process steps.

With our extensive bioprocessing knowhow, we will continue to expand our footprint in the vaccine development sector until all those in need have access to vaccines.

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