Batavia: Lentivirus for first patient NL

Batavia produces lentivirus for first patient in the Netherlands successfully treated with stem cell gene therapy
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It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we would like to congratulate Leiden University Medical Center and the research team on their recent accomplishment using the lentivirus. Researchers have successfully treated a baby with stem cell gene therapy for severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID). This form of SCID (which often claims the life of the victim before finishing their first year of life), had previously never been treated with gene therapy and now the disease has been successfully cured.

Batavia Biosciences is proud to announce that we were able to play a role in helping reduce human suffering as Batavia produced the lentivirus vector for this incredible project. Professor Frank Staal references the lentivirus vector as the “wheelbarrow that brings the gene to the right place” within the article. It’s apparent that amazing work is being done by the top names in the gene therapy field, and we are honored to be able to contribute with our expertise in viral vectors, specifically, the lentivirus in this project.

Wilfried Bakker, Director of Science and Innovation, states, “To be part of this development, we could not be prouder. Our contribution of the lentivirus vector to treat this form of SCID means a lot to us, but even more to the patient and future patients with this life-threatening form of SCID.”

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