Dr. Guangping Gao

Dr. Gao’s illustrious career and groundbreaking work in AAV research positions him uniquely to guide and provide invaluable insights to Batavia Biosciences’ expanding portfolio in AAV-related projects.

Bringing Dr. Gao into our team is a testament to our commitment to harnessing top-tier expertise and ensuring that our AAV ventures are innovative and scientifically sound.

With Dr. Gao’s in-depth expertise, Batavia Biosciences strengthens its position as a frontrunner in cell and gene therapy. His extensive global network, built over years of collaboration and research, will be instrumental in forging new partnerships and opportunities for Batavia Biosciences. The relationship accelerates the company’s AAV-related projects while benefiting from Dr. Gao’s vast experience and insights.

Dr. Gao: “I am impressed with the extensive viral vaccine history of Batavia and their rapid development towards CGT viral vector programs.”

Low-cost viral vector manufacturing

High-throughput screening for viral vectors

Viral vector manufacturing

Maximizing protein expression